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CHAT between WORLDS combines global learning with digital media. The programme addresses the perspectives of various target groups living in Asia, Africa or Latin America: School classes and individuals can exchange experiences with students in Germany through online communication. That way, CHAT between WORLDS overcomes geographical distances and offers the opportunity for authentic and personal encounters.

Are you ready to participate? - CHAT between the WORLDS

About the video

The video explains briefly what CHAT between the WORLDS is. A typical course of a CHAT-project is described and it is shown how children and teenagers worldwide are enabled to get in touch with German pupils Germany in order to learn from and with each other.

Objectives of CHAT between WORLDS

Globalization is increasingly dominating our lives. This is evident in the huge variety of things on offer in stores, in the way we dress, in our TV programs, in the music that we listen to and in our business relations. It enables people of different origin to study and work in foreign countries. And it isn’t only the news and products: we too are moving at high speed in this world.

Eine kleine Weltkugel wird von zwei Händen gehalten.

Our responsibility for our daily decisions is also increasing in the course of this development. Our actions are strongly influencing global events in the economy, the environment and in terms of the law. If we want to actively take part in globalization it is important to take on different perspectives, to develop an understanding and tolerance for people everywhere in the world and to broaden our own knowledge of the global contexts.

This is the intention of the CHAT between WORLDS program. This program aims to overcome the geographical distances between people from different countries with the use of new media, and enables people to talk to each other in an authentic way. In computer chats, school classes and individuals get the chance to share their personal experiences and exchange their opinions on global subjects like water, food, migration, the environment and tourism. The chat as a virtual meeting point becomes a place where everyday global topics can be discussed, cultural and linguistic knowledge broadened and personal relationships developed. The program therefore aims to enable people to learn from and with each other as well as to strengthen the awareness for global challenges.

Are you ready to participate?

CHAT between WORLDS addresses different target groups who are living in Asia, Africa or Latin America or who originally come from these places. Are you a pupil/student or a teacher and would you like to get to know people from different countries? Are you and your class interested in a project that enables you to get in contact with a German class to discuss topics such as everyday life, education, consumption, climate, water, food, health, sports, migration or escape? Other subjects with a global reference are possible as well.

You can also participate in CHAT between WORLDS as an individual. Do you work, for example, at an NGO (non-governmental organization)? Are you studying, are you socially and politically involved or familiar with a global topic for personal reasons, and would you like to describe the everyday life and situation of your country?

If you feel addressed as an individual or would like to participate together with your class, we would be more than happy about your participation.

What else do you need to know?

You will enter into direct contact with your partner class via the internet. Live-chats, cam-chats as well as e-mail exchanges are possible. It all depends on your and your project partner’s options. The language in which the chat takes place will be determined beforehand. Basic language skills in one of the languages of English, Spanish, French, Russian or German are sufficient and can be strengthened during the conversations. You will get to know each other better when chatting, and you will be talking about one of the above mentioned global topics. No special expertise is required from either you or your partner class. What you will share are your personal experiences and your everyday knowledge. This will enable you to take on another perspective, listen to various interesting experiences and deepen your overall understanding of the world.

The classes in Germany usually prepare themselves for the project and the chat in advance. It would be great if you could also get ready for the selected topic. We will be happy to support you and assist you with ideas and tips regarding the content and the method that you decide to use for your project in the classroom. The duration of the projects can vary. The exchange via internet can take place just once or regularly over a longer period of time. This has the advantage that friendships, school partnerships and ideas for further projects can be established. You can also participate in several projects with different classes.